Much like an eBook, this piece of content is the ultimate way to gain credibility, trust and thought leadership. As opposed to an eBook, whitepapers are long and linear, based on extensive research, very text heavy, and written in a formal tone. Based on the level of knowledge you exude in a whitepaper, the education can make a lasting impression and inspire accelerated revenue growth by increasing lead generation and sales.


You can offer a whitepaper in return for money, contact information, a social engagement, or simply a gift of loyalty. Just throwing it on your website under the resource page will position your company as an industry expert, while boosting your search rankings, organically. The best part about whitepapers is that they can be re-purposed in multiple types and mediums in such a way that one piece of content ends up being utilized and consumed by each target market in whichever way makes most sense for them… talk about leverage.

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