Product Description

We like a product description that can sell itself, make it work for you. Often the small task of just cleaning these up can optimize your site and get instant results.

What are some simple ways we find success in writing product descriptions? To name a few: Focus on the ideal buyer persona that should be engraved next to your mission statement. Get specific, this is what your marketing strategy should revolve around. Answer the “why” up front. Throw them every benefit and make them say, “why not?” Use your imagination so that they use theirs. Tell a quick, connotative story about someone’s experience with it. Sell that experience. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Write it like you would a newspaper headline – quick, catchy, concise. You should be able to scan and understand. Seduction is the best form of accepted manipulation in our opinion. Use sensory words that make you feel/see/hear/taste/smell it.

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