What is better than having someone take a huge stack of data and create an aesthetically pleasing visual to communicate highly interesting information in a simple digestable way? Since the birth and popularity of, I know it is not just us that has fallen in love with the idea of infographics. The average attension span of humans is horrifingly low, then pair it up with a clump of copy and you’ve got youself an unconvincing argument.

How do you make a content marketing piece “sticky,” which is what we call deliverables that not only grab attention but get people to stick around and motivate them to do what we want them to do? You act as a resource to your audience, you give them answers in an enjoyable, shareable and retainable form. Take a look at this sales funnel above. Here we can use analytics to watch the behavior of viewers to define a more objective result on the reach and influence of the infographic. Here, we saw potential customers coming to the site for an answer to Google Authorship, and then deciding from there that they were intrigued enough to go straight to the contact page, an indirect benefit that paved a path one step closer to a conversion.

Truth is, that is just the surface level of benefits that infographics can bring to your company.Contact us today if you want to know more.