Content Audit

Although we would love to give you an example, site/content audits are just too unique and relative to compare.

What you can expect the audit to answer:
Are your buyer personas relating to your target audience accurate and are they being addressed?
What is your company’s narrative, is it fluid and is the messaging consistent and on track?
What are the questions your potential clients have throughout the entire buyer cycle and do you have content that is targeting each stage?
What kinds of content types and mediums are you utilizing and is there room to diversify to reach the audience in more places and in more engaging ways?
Who is producing the content that works and how are you taking advantage of Google Authorship?
Which content pieces have worked and which ones can use improvement?
How are you tracking progress and are you watching the viewers interaction with the content?
Do you have keyword research and mapping in order to accurately target and rank the content, and where is further opportunity?
What are your competitors doing and where is the gap that you can capitalize on?
How are you optimizing and promoting the content, do you have a list of target influencers?

Remember that you can create the best content on the web, but if it isn’t searchable and findable, even sharable… it might as well be non-existent.

Contact us today for an audit, it’s the most strategic first step you can take towards successful content marketing.