How do I become a copywriter?

Use this link (http://www.dashboard.ecopywriters.com/register/copywriter) to reach the account creation page. From here you will agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of the site. You will be asked to write a brief bio, as well as to identify your writing areas of strength and expertise. You will also be asked to submit a writing sample and complete a W9 tax form.

What is the writing sample?

You will need to submit a writing sample during the account creation process. This writing sample can be focused on one of three prompts supplied by the site. This writing sample is an important first impression and will be used to evaluate your writing abilities – and if you can be considered for work on the site. If your sample scores too low, you will be sent an e-mail to let you know that your sample has been turned down and your account has been deactivated. Carefully prepare and edit this sample – it will greatly affect your standing as a writer.

How do I submit my W9?

You must submit a valid W9 to write for eCopywriters.com. You will be prompted to complete a W9 during the sign-up process. The supplied document needs to be filled out, printed out, physically signed, scanned, and the scanned JPG/PDF needs to be e-mailed back to admin@ecopywriters.com. Your account will not be activated until admin receives a valid and signed W9.

What is the general turnaround time for projects?

Most projects have a 3-4 day turn around time. Occasionally, rush orders are placed that have a 12-24 hour turnaround time. You will be personally contacted by admin before being assigned a rush order.

How is my compensation rate calculated?

When assigned an order, admin will contact the copywriter and communicate the details of the assignment, including the rate. The rate is almost always based on a “per word” scale. The rate and payment is based upon the original word count, not the submitted or edited word count.

How and when will I be paid?

Payments are sent to the PayPal account that was submitted during the signup process. PayPal may apply a fee on the transaction.

eCopywriters.com invoices are submitted on the 15th and last calendar day of each month. There is a 5-7-business day processing period, after which, payments will be sent to the designated PayPal account.

What is a vetting project?

This is a project, assigned by admin, which is used to further evaluate your writing style.

What are groups and how to do I join them?

Groups are organized by admin, and are used to group similar writers together. You have to be invited into a group by admin. Occasionally, admin will send out an invitation for a new or existing group. You will be asked to respond back with your qualifications within that specific field and a sample of writing you have done within the genre.

In the future, eCopywriters.com will create a function where admin will send open projects to specific groups, where the members can then claim available jobs on a “first come/first serve” basis.

In general, only vetted and proven writers are added to specific groups.

What is the “revision request” process?

All eCopywriters.com clients are offered one free revision to their project. A revision request allows for the subjectivity of writing and creates a process for the copywriter to “tweak” the submitted content to better match the clients’ needs.

Per the Terms of Use, copywriters have to complete one free revision to the content if requested by the client or admin. If a writer is unwilling to complete the revision, the writer is in default and will not be paid for the project.

How are projects assigned?

Currently, projects are directly assigned to writers by admin. The projects are NOT listed on the site, so there is no need to continually check for new projects. Admin will contact you with a job opportunity, which you can accept or turn down. If you accept a job it will be sent to your copywriter portal.

This project assignment process will likely change in the future. If and when eCopywriters.com moves to a public posting system, writers will be informed via e-mail.

Do I have to be a US citizen?

Legally, eCopywriters.com is only allowed to work with United States citizens, and there are no exceptions.

Why is my username/password not working?

eCopywriters.com username and passwords are case sensitive, so be careful while entering your information. Additionally, your username is created by you, and is not necessarily your e-mail address. Write down or memorize your information when you are creating your account.

If you are still having problems, e-mail your concern to admin@ecopywriters.com

Why am I unable to copy/paste my work into the content areas of the project?

Some browsers limit the ability to c/p into the eCopywriters.com system. If you are experiencing difficulties, try a different browser – like Google Chrome.

The site will time-out your session, so be sure to refresh or log back in before you begin entering information into the site.

If you still have problems submitting your work, contact admin@ecopywriters.com. Include your content, as admin may be able to submit the content through the backend of the system.

Where do my current and past projects appear on the writer’s portal?

Your assigned projects and past projects appear under the tab “Unclaimed Jobs.” The copywriter portal is currently under development, and this tab name will change. The FAQ page will be updated when this change is implemented.