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Chet Ly


07 May 2014 0 comments Likes

How To Stand Out Marketing in a culture of instantaneous information and diminishing attention span is a moving target. A fresh and effective strategy, Video Marketing breaks through the clutter of static images and the oversaturation of blog posts – positioning itself as a highly effective marketing medium. While YouTube boasts second place, right after Facebook, as the largest social network and search engine in the world[i], it also reaches more U.S. adults ages 18-34 than any cable network. It is no surprise that video marketing is quickly becoming the influential and inexpensive alternative to a million dollar commercial investment. The Potential Reach and Progression of a Video Campaign: Over 85% of active Internet users in the United States interacted with, and viewed, online video content in a single month[ii] An impressive 46% of people stated that viewing an online video increased their desire to find out more about that particular product or service[iii] Having an imbedded video increases search engine optimization by a staggering 157% and a 63% increase in page views[iv] Companies report that people who watch an informational video on a product or service are 144% more likely to make a purchase than those who did not[v] The Effect of the Diminishing Attention Span In 2013 the average American attention span dropped to 8 seconds; which is less than that of a gold fish. At the 30 second mark of your video, 33.3% of viewers have shifted their attention elsewhere, and by the 60 second mark 50% of viewers are lost[vi]. The important take away for advertisers and marketers – you have 8 seconds to show the viewer why they should keep watching. It is crucial to immediately and emotionally hook your audience. Tap Into Emotion Pathos is the most decisive component of video marketing success. The powerful pull of strategic emotional appeal that Aristotle perfected in ancient Greece is still the primary tool of marketers today. An effective campaign moves away from selling a product and instead aligns the brand with an experience. This allows people to make a personal, emotional, and long-term connection with companies. Fun fact: consumers are 2x more likely to make a purchase based upon their emotions, as opposed to knowledge about the product[vii]. Emotional campaigns don’t have to be sentimental, they just need to connect to commonalities of the human condition: humor, love, accomplishment, compassion, etc. Your first step is to engage your potential clients with a compelling brand story with which they can connect. A great example: Unilevers’s Dove campaign, ‘Real Beauty Sketches’. This brilliant video marketing plan attracting over 60 million views, exploded on social media, and generated extensive buzz on news programs and talk shows. Talk about contagious! The scope and reach of video marketing is exponential and would complement any marketing campaign. [i] Nielsen [ii] Eloqua [iii] Eloqua [iv] www.MarketingSherpa.com [v] www.StacksandStacks.com [vi] TubeMoguel [vii] University Of Florida Study: Americans More Likely To Let Their Emotions Do The Buying – See more at: http://clientbuildertraining.com/study-proves-that-people-buy-emotionally/#sthash.LYMbAk5R.dpuf

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